56 Affirmations For Focus And Concentration (With Images)

56 Affirmations For Focus And Concentration (With Images)

Staying in one place, one state of mind is hard. And if you struggle doing so, here are 56 positive affirmations for focus and concentration that could prove to be very helpful.


Focus is the deciding factor in the race to success.

All of us have the same seven days in a week, the same 24 hours in a day.

People who become successful aren’t the one who work the hardest. They are the one who can maintain the maximum focus in the minimum minutes of their of their work.

We all go through situations that makes focusing difficult. 

The break-ups, the insults, the bad marks are enemies of focus that creep on us time to time.

But you can over come these obstacles with some work and patience.

Here are some helpful positive affirmations for focus and concentration.

Read them every morning before you go to your work. This will really help you focus thorough-out the day.

Also the article contains some tips about how to be focused and improve your groundings. Do read them.


56 Affirmations For Focus And Concentration

“I Have The Energy To Focus On Things That Are Good For Me”

“I Will Reach MY Goal And Nothing Can Stop Me”

Focus Affirmation - I Will Reach MY Goal And Nothing Can Stop Me

“I Am Focused And Nothing Can Distract Me”

” I Commit To Finding Joy And Pleasure In All That Life Has To Offer”

“I Will Make Effective Use Of My Time Today”

“I Am Focused When I Work”

“I Meditate To Stay Focus In My Life”

“Being Grounded, Eating Healthy, Exercising And Meditation Will Help Me To Be Focused “

“I Will Focus On My Work And Studies For My Better Future

“Today I Remove All The Distractions In My Life”

“I Am Committed To My Goals And My Success Is Assured”

“I Am Free From Distractions”

“Today I Decide To Commit To Myself”

Affirmations for focus - commit to yourself

“I Have Will Power And Dedication”

“I Am Dedicated To My Work”

“I Do My Best At Whatever Task I Take”

“I Am A Go-Getter!”

“I Will Finish All My Tasks Quickly”

“I Will Improve And Be Better Version Of Myself “

“I Will Stay Focused For Long Periods Of Time”

“I Do My Best At Whatever Task I Take”

“My Consistent Efforts Can Change My World”

“I Know I Can Do Better, And I Will Do Better”

“Starve Your Distractions, Feed Your Focus

“I Focus My Attention On Gratitude And Love”

“I Focus On My Strength

“I Am Focused On Becoming The Best Version Of Myself”

“I Am Focused On My Desired Outcome

“When You Focus On Good, The Good Gets Better”

“I Over Come All My Fears”

I Over Come All My Fears

“I Take A Deep Breath And Focus On Things That Are Important To Me”

“I Will Focus On Things That Are Important Today”

Focusing Comes Naturally To Me”

Blessed, Thankful And Focused!

“My Focus Is On My Priorities

“I Monitor My Thoughts

“My Productivity Increases When I Focus”

Concentration Is All That’s Required To Complete My Tasks”

“I Am Dedicated To My Work”

“I Stay On The Task At Hand”

“I Will Practice To Be Focused”

“I Am Free From All Kind Of Distractions”

“I Over Come All My Insecurities And Focus On Myself”

Over Come Insecurities And Focus On Yourself

“I Can Focus Easily”

“Nothing Can Distract Me When I Focus On Things That Are Important”

“I Never Leave A Task Incomplete”

“I’m Taking All The Time I Need To Stay Focused”

“I Keep My Thoughts On My Goals”

“My Concentrated Efforts Are Paying Off”

“Right Now, I Focus Only On This Priority

“By Eliminating Interruptions And Distractions, I Quickly Get Into The Flow”

“I Am Always Focused On What I Am Doing”

“I Am Calm And Focused In All That I Do”

“Today I Bless My Being With Limitless Focus”

“My Mind Is Relaxed And Centered

“My Focus Is Firm And Unwavering

“I Easily Focus On What I Want”

How To Focus Without Getting Distracted

Here are helpful tips that will help you focus on tasks without getting distracted.

Some of the tips may be quite hard to follow but with regular effort you can may them a part of your life.

So, here we go!

Set A Time Limit For Each Task

Well, it is quite natural for us human being to get distracted while doing our work be it studying or working on a power point presentation.

So, if you put a time limit on every task you start, then you will be more focused on completing the task.

Take an example of an exam.

We are provided with 3 hours to solve the question paper and for 3 hours we do nothing but solve the questions because we know we have limited time.

So assigning a fixed amount of time to each task will really be helpful in focusing.

Make a to-do list of all the important task you want finish the next day before you go to bed in the night.

When you wake up, you know what all work you need to complete.

Make A List Of Task You Will Accomplish Each Day

Making a list of works you will be completing each day can be very helpful in keeping a track of progress and stay focused.


 Improve Your Grounding

Now it is important to work on self if you want to stay focused in your work.

And so it is important to work on grounding . Here are some ways you can improve yourself.

Follow Fitness Routine

Engage in some kind of fitness routine.

Our body is a machine that needs to be running to keep working and get rusted.

Wake up early in the morning and run a few kilometers.

Hit gym in the weekends. That way you will release the excess energy that our body generates.

Plus, doing physical activity always feel good!

Choose The Correct Food

Eating the right food is important part of a fit lifestyle.

Your body is the collection of everything you eat.

The more additive and processed sugar you have in your diet, the more ‘ungrounded’ you feel in your life.

So choose wisely.

Eat fresh and then witness the change in the state of your mind.

 Work On Your Mind Muscles

Our mind has so much potential. And if utilized properly we can change the our as well as worlds future.

But to achieve that we must first have to train our brain.

And following are some ways you can train your brain to focus.

 – Breath Based Meditation

Sit on the ground. Close your eyes and breath in and out slowly.

Focus just on breathing and nothing else. Count your breathing.

It is common to get distracted while doing this exercise, but you need control your mind and focus back on breathing.


So here it is. 56 positive affirmations for focus and concentration.

Read out these affirmations everyday to yourself. It will really help you focusing.

Also, the tips at the end of the article are really helpful in keeping your mind focused.

Let us know what all things you practice in your daily life to stay focused in the comment section.


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