Breakup Affirmations : 45 Affirmations For Healing A Broken Heart

Breakup Affirmations : 45 Affirmations For Healing A Broken Heart

Lets accept it, break-ups are hard. And getting over a break-up is even harder. And positive breakup affirmations can help you recover from the pain and agony.

Ending a relationship hurts whether it was 4 month or 6 years.

It may take some time to accept things and move on with your life.

But once you have accepted the breakup and move past the grieving phase, you will learn how much this life has to offer.

Here are 49 breakup affirmations to help you heal the from the pain and agony of your break up.

The article also contains some helpful tips for healing your broken heart. So do read them as well. 


49 BreakUp Affirmations For Healing

“I will Heal

“I Deserve Love And Happiness

“I am Single And Do Whatever I Can”

“There Is Something Better For Me”

“I Allow Myself To Heal

“I Trust The Process Of Love And Life”

Break up affirmations - I trust the process

“I Allow Myself To Open Up To New, Healthy Love In The Perfect Time And Way For Me

“I Truly Love Myself”

“Everything Happens For A Good Reason”

“I Deserve To Be Appreciated

“I Will Find Someone Better”

“I Want Someone Who Chooses Me, Every-Time”

“I Will Leave My Past Behind And Move Forward In Life”

“I Wont Let My Past Affect My Future”

“I Release All Fears Of Not Being Perfect”

“I Am Grateful For The Love I Have Had In The Past, And The Love To Come”

“I Let Go Of Past Regrets”

“I Love Myself Enough To Be Happy Being Alone

Break affirmations - Love Yourself

“I Am Attractive. I Am So Sexy. I Am SO Damn Lovable

“I Am Comfortable Being Alone”

“I Learn To Love And Trust Again When I Am Ready”

“Now I Have All The Time To Work On Myself

“I Am Comfortable Being Alone”

“Day By Day I Love Myself More And More”

“I Breathe Out Pain, I Breathe In Love

“I Heal, I Let Go

“I Will Attract A Better Person Into My Life”

“I Am Excited To Start My New Life

“I Choose To Be Happy

“I Live In A Universe Where I Am Loved And Supported”

“I Love Being Alone And Spending Time With Myself

“I Don’t Need Anyone Else To Make Me Happy

“Once You Realize You Deserve Better, Letting Go Is The Best Decision Ever”

“It Is Time That I Let Go Of All The Hurt”

Let Go Affirmations

“I Make My Happiness My Priority”

“Every Experience I Have Is Perfect For My Growth

Life Treats Me Well And I Treat Myself Well”

“There Is Something Better Waiting For Me”

“I Will Get The Love I Deserve”

“No Matter What I Am Facing, I Can And Will Heal My Heart”

“I Fill My Heart With What’s Important. And Be Done With The Rest”

“The Universe Has Shaken Me To Awaken Me

“I Will Heal And Fall In Love Again”

“I Am Single And I Am Happy

“I Know It Is Just The Part Of Story, Not The Complete Story”

The Story

“Now I Have Got A Lot Of Time To Work On Myself”

“I Walked Through Hell, Now Its Time To Find Heaven

“I Release All The Anger And All The Pain

Not Every Lose Is A Lose”

How To Be Positive After A Breakup?

It is important to understand that your breakup is not the end of the story.

It is just the end of a part of the story.

And everything indeed happens for good.

If you carefully analyze your relationship, you will see what was not working between you two.

May be the drama they brought into your life, or may they always got late at important events.

Our mind tricks us by remembering all the good times that you had together, and you miss them more.

But the reality is things just didn’t workout between you two.

And not everyone you meet are meant to be in your life forever.

So, accept that whatever happened, happened for good.

Now you have all the time to take care of yourself, you can whatever you want, meet whomever you want.

You are not bounded by any restrictions and are free!

How Do I Move On After A BreakUp?

Moving on from a break-up is not easy. It takes time to accept the break-up. 

And it may take you a few weeks or few months. 

But once you have accepted it and moved on, you will realize it is the best thing that happened to you.

Here are some tips you can follow to make the move on process easy:

Cut Contact For Sometime

Cutting contact with your ex can make the healing process fast.

Just stop texting and calling them. 

If they contact you, tell them that you need time to heal and want some space now.

Hopefully they understand and stop contacting you.

If not, block them for sometime until you are ready to talk to them.

Make A Note Of Things That Didn’t Work 

As mentioned earlier, our mind tricks you by making us remember all the good time you had together.

Thus you start missing your ex and this makes moving on even more difficult.

So, here is what you can do.

Create a list of all the the tings that didn’t work between you two.

May be it was lack of commitment, or may be it was just one sided love.

Whatever it was. Just write them down and read them whenever you miss your ex or want to contact them.

Talk To Friends And Family

Sharing your grief and frustration with someone can really help you over come the pain of breakup.

Talk to your friends and family members. They are there for you in the hard times

Share what you are going through. Sometimes we need someone just to hear what we say to lighten up heart.

Pick New Hobby

Did you always wanted to learn piano? Or may be try rock climbing!

Guess what? You have all the time in the world to try new things and do experiments.

Pick new hobbies, go on trips with friends, join dance classes.

Work On Self Improvement

Breakups are called Break-Ups for a reason.

It is meant to push you up. And if it is dragging you down, that means it is not serving it purpose.

Work on self improvement and be the better version of yourself.

Hit Gym, learn new language or go on trips with your friends.

Improve your life so that you can tell yourself what you got from the breakup.


We hope that these breakup affirmations will help you heal. 

It might take some time. A few weeks, may be months but eventually you will over come this and realize whatever happened, happened for good.

Take Care.

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