77 Funny Positive Affirmations To Cheer You Up!

77 Funny Positive Affirmations To Cheer You Up!

Life is too short to be stressed. And if your are feeling down, here are 77 funny positive affirmations to cheer you up!

Life is not always ‘happy-happy’ thing. And sometimes things do not go as we had planned. But that’s okay. That’s how life is.

But being stressed thinking about the same things isn’t going to help. These affirmations will help you improve your mood and help you see things from a fresh perspective.


77 Funny Positive Affirmations

“I Love It When The Coffee Kicks In And I Realize What An Adorable Badass I Am Going To Be Today

“I Am Thankful For All Those Difficult People In My Life. They Have Show Me Exactly Who I Do Not Want To Be”

“Be Happy, It Drives People Crazy”

“I Can’t Make Everyone Happy. I Am Not A Jar Of Nutella”

“Amazing Things Happen When  I Distance Myself From Negativity

“I Think Like Proton, Always Positive

Funny Positive Affirmations- Positive Like Proton

“Chop Your Own Wood, It Will Warm You Twice

“I Am Naturally Charismatic, Any doubts?”

“I Surround Myself With Pizza Not Negativity”

Life Is Becoming Easier And Less Serious”

“I Am Gonna Have Amazing Ridiculously Amazing Day

“I Don’t Need Anyone, I Got My Back”

“I Don’t Let Idiots Ruin My Day”

“If Plan A doesn’t Work, I Have Got 25 More Alphabets “

“Some Day I Am Just Like ‘Whatever!’, And That’s Okay”

“I Am The Most Awesome Person Today!”

“When I Look At Myself In The Mirror, I See A Unicorn, A Bad ass Unicorn”

“Dance Like Nobody Attractive Is Watching You”

Nap Like Your Boss Isn’t Watching”

Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Bosses Blocked On Facebook”

Reach For The Stars, At The Very Least You Will Air Out Your Armpits”

“I Have Noting To Fear Except My Birthday Every Year After Turning 30″

Nothing Is Impossible, Unless It’s Trying To Reach A Live Person At Your Cable Company”

“I Look For Something Positive In Each Day, Like It Ending”

Courage Is Grace Under Pressure, Like Not Checking Your Phone For An Entire Meal”

“If At First You Don’t Succeed , Try Googling It”

“If You Love Someone, Set Them Free But Keep Their Netflix Password”

“I Was Born To Be Awesome, Not Perfect

I was born to be awesome

“Actions Speaks Louder Than Emojis

“They Say You Learn From Your Mistakes. So Today I Intend To Make More Mistakes. Because Learning Is Good

“I See The Funny Side Of Life , More And More”

“Today I Feel Peace, I Think Peace, I Am Peace. And If Any One Disturbs This Mood, I Will Slap Them”

“I Am A-wow-some!”

“I Assume Full Responsibility For My Actions, Except The Ones That Are Someone Else’s Fault

“In Some Cultures What I Do Would Be Considered Normal

“I Will Find Humor In My Everyday Life By Looking For People I Can Laugh At”

Toss Your Hair In A Bun, Drink Some Coffee, Put On Some Gangsta Rap And Handle It”

“When People Ask: What Do You Do? Answer: Whatever it takes”

“The Best Way To Appreciate Your Job Is To Imagine Yourself Without One”

“When Someone Hurts Me, Forgiveness Is Cheaper Than A Lawsuit. But Not Nearly
As Gratifying

“I Love The Idea Of Calling A Close Friend Today And Having A Fun Conversation For No Reason.”

“All Of Me Is Beautiful And Valuable, Even The Ugly, Stupid And Disgusting Parts”

“Technically, I Am Cool!”

“Do Not Take Life Too Seriously. You Will Never Get Out Of It Alive

Do not take life too seriously- funny positive affirmations

“I Honor My Personality Flaws, For Without Them I Would Have No Personality At

Living Well Is The Best Revenge”

“Money Can’t Buy Happiness. But It Sure Can Rent It For A While”

“Hang On. Let Me Overthink This”

“Life Is Short. So Am I

“Everything Happens For A Reason But Sometimes I Wish I Knew What That Reason Was”

“There Are No Traffic Jams Along The Extra Mile”

“I Don’t Let Idiots Ruin Your Day”

“My GPA Won’t Matter When I Am In Hell

“Sometimes The First Step To Forgiveness Is Realizing That The Other Person Is Completely Stupid

“This Too Shall Pass… It May Pass Like A Kidney Stone, But It Will Pass”

“I’m Not Stubborn, My Way Is Just Better Than Yours”

“I Intend To Live Forever. So Far, So Good”

Life Is Short. Smile While You Still Have Teeth”

“I Give Myself Permission To Be Happy, I Deserve It”

funny positive affirmations- I deserve to be happy

“I Have Always Wanted To Be Somebody, But I See Now I Should Be More Specific

“It’s Okay If Some People Don’t Like Me. Not Everyone Has Good Taste

“When Nothing Goes Right, I Go Left

“I Don’t Go Crazy. I Am Crazy. I Just Go Normal From Time To Time”

“I Am Not Lazy. I Am On Energy Saving Mode”

Work Hard, Nap Hard

“They Can Only Offend Me If They Mean Something To Me”

“I Was Born To Make Mistakes, Not To Fake Perfection

“If You Find It Hard To Laugh At Yourself, I Would Be Happy To Do It For You”

“The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction”

“I’m Not For Everyone. I’m Barely For Me

“I Don’t Let Anyone Ever Dull My Sparkle

“Remember Even Worst Days On Have 24 Hours

“Life Would Be Tragic If It Weren’t Funny

“Don’t Forget To Be Awesome

“Oh, Yes I Certainly Fucking Can”

“Each Day, I Automatically And Successfully Get Healthier And Healthier”

“Stop Looking For Happiness In The Same Place You Lost It”


We hope that these funny positive affirmations were helpful to you. Remember that its okay that things are not okay always. And it’s important to give ourselves permission to not always be happy. But its also important not to stress yourself over same things again and again. You are in-charge of your life and you can change it. Work on things that makes you happy, take care of yourself, pamper yourself and do not forget to smile. Cheers!
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