83 Healing Affirmations To Heal From Emotional And Physical Pain

83 Healing Affirmations To Heal From Emotional And Physical Pain

You can choose to heal! And here are 83 healing affirmations  that will help heal from emotional and physical pain and bring peace in your life.

Old wounds and past hurts sometimes leave a non-healing pain in our life. 

We sometimes are unable to forgive people who have wronged us in the past and and hold grudges for a long time.

But doing so negatively affects us as well. We are not able to let it go and prevent ourselves from moving forward.

Bringing up past hurt and grudges prevent us from experiencing deep love and peace within ourselves.

However, when we become willing to forgive ourselves and those that hurt us, the road to healing begins.

These healing affirmations will help you let go the past and move forward to see new possibilities and find happiness within yourself.


83 Healing Affirmations To Help You Heal

“I Am Deciding To Get Well”

“I Choose Food That Nourishes Every Cell In My Body”

“I Trust The Universe To Take Care Of Me”

“I Give Myself Permission To Heal”

“Every Cell In My Body Is Healthy And Radiates Health”

“I Am Pain Free In Every Respect And My Body Is Full Of Energy

“I Am Grateful For My Healing”

I Am Grateful healing Affirmations

“I Am Ready To Forgive Anyone I Feel Has Hurt Me”

“I Choose To Heal

“I See Every Emotion As Guidance To My Healing”

“Nothing And No One Can Take Away My Power

“I Accept The Lesson My Pain Is Offering Me”

“I Am Willing To Be At Peace With Myself And Everyone”

“I Am Renewed And Strengthened By Thy Life-Giving Energy”

“Day By Day In Every Way I Am Getting Better And Better”

“I Am Capable Of Unconditional Love”

“I Set Myself And Others Free By Choosing To Forgive

“I Am in alignment with my soul purpose”

“I Am At Peace With My Pain”

“I Am A Survivor

healing affirmations-I am a survivor

“I Am Listening And Learning From My Pain”

“I Am Grateful

“I Will Do Self-Care And Love Myself”

“I Love Taking Care Of Myself”

“I Forgive Myself”

“I Choose Peace And Happiness Now”

“I Heal In My Own Time And I Am Patient With Myself Every Day”

I heal in my own time

“I Have The Power To Heal My Life”

“I Am Not Helpless

“I Am Becoming Stronger Than Ever”

Healing Energy Flows Through My Entire Body”

“I Forgive Myself Because Everyone Makes Mistakes

“I Am Well

” I Choose Food That Nourishes Every Cell In My Body”

“I Will Not Linger In The Past”

“The Power Of My Love And Belief Heals My Body”

“I Am Strong

“I Am Whole

“I Believe In Myself”

“I Free Myself From Destructive Thoughts And Pain”

Healing Affirmations- I Free Myself

“I Deserve Good In My Life”

“I Accept And Love Myself”

“I Love My Flaws”

“Everything Will Be Okay

“I Look Ahead To Make My Life Better

“Pain Is Temporary

“I Can Overcome This”

“I Choose To Release All Hurt And Pain”

I Choose to release pain

Tomorrow Holds Better Things For Me”

“I Am Strong And Get Pass Through All This”

“I Have Control Over My Thoughts

“This Too Will Pass

“Every Experience I Have Is Perfect For My Growth

experience is good for growth

“I Have People Who Love Me”

“Pain Makes Me Strong

“I Am Healing

“I Am The Picture Of Positive Energy And Well-Being”

“I Am Healed, Healthy And Whole

“I Honor Myself  In Every Decision I Make”

Honor your decisions

“I Think Positive To Avoid Unnecessary Pain”

“A Lot Of Pain That I Am Dealing With Are Really Only Thoughts

“I Am Grateful For All My Blessings”

I Am Me

“I Am Positive About Things In My Life”

“I Forgive People For My Own Well-Being

“With Forgiveness Comes Healing, So I Choose To Forgive”

“I Forgive Myself And I Am Able To Forgive Those Who Have Hurt Me In The Past”

“I Believe In Myself”

I believe in myself

“I Am Grateful For Who I Am And Can Be”

“I Am Learning To Let Go Of Pain”

“I Am Not The Negative Thoughts I Think”

“I Am Grateful For The Healing That’s Happening In My Body”

“I Deserve Good In My Life”

“All I Need Is Within Me

“I Will Be Kind And Gentle To Myself”

“I See Things Differently Now”

“I Am Safe. All Is Well

I am safe healing affirmations

“I Forgive Others For Hurting Me”

“I Give Myself Forgiveness

“I Choose To Be Healed

“Pain Makes Me A Better Person

“I Am Never Alone. The Universe Supports Me And Is With Me At Every Step

It May Take Sometime, But I Will Be Fine

Affirmations for healing- I Will Be Fine

How To Practice Healing Affirmations

Remember, forgiving others and yourself is the first step to healing.

So if you want to heal from the emotional pain, you need to forgive other and yourself.

Also, practice these affirmations. It will help heal fast.

Here are some ways you can practice healing affirmations:

  1. Take a deep breath and calmly recite the affirmations.
  2. When ever you are haunted by old memories of being hurt and pain, remember you have to let of all that in order to heal.
  3. Write down these affirmation in a note book and read them daily in the evening.
  4. Write these affirmations on sticky notes and stick them I a place where you can see them frequently like on refrigerator or work desk.
  5. Be strong and you will believe that you will get through all the pain.
  6. Believe that these affirmations work and you will be healed.


So these were 83 healing affirmations for quick healing from emotional, metal and physical pain.

We hope that they helped you getting healed. 

Do let us know the affirmation that you liked the most and which made you feel strong in the comment section.


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