103 Law Of Attraction Affirmations That Will Change Your Life Today!

103 Law Of Attraction Affirmations That Will Change Your Life Today!

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” You must have heard this quote. And this is how law of attraction affirmations work.

Ask for what you want and it will become a reality.

Law of attraction affirmations are very powerful and effective. Listening and practicing them regularly is an effective way to ensure that the universe is constantly working in your favor.

Here are some powerful affirmations and some tips on how to use them to manifest any thing that you want in your life.


103 Law Of Attraction Affirmations

“I Have The Ability To Create Anything I Want”

“I Am Totally Committed To Achieve My Goals And Dreams”

“I Am Attracting A Better, Happier Life Every Day”

“I Use Positive Thinking And Beliefs To Manifest A Positive Life”

“I Believe Deeply That I Can Achieve Anything I Desire”

“I Attract Into My Life Whatever I Want”

“Every Day I Visualize My Desires, Feel My Emotions, And Memorize Them In Order To Use It For The Rest Of My Day”

“I Am Ready To Receive Abundance And Prosperity From The Universe

I am ready to receive abundance

“Power, Beauty And Grace Are Within Me

“I Attract All That I Desire”

“I Use Positive Thinking And Beliefs To Manifest A Positive Life”

“I Find It Easy To Attract Into My Life Whatever I Need”

“I Attract Success Into My Life”

“I Steer My Life In Positive Directions With The Power Of Positive Thinking”

“My Life Is Filled With Abundance

“Everyday I Grow Stronger And More Capable Of Manifesting My Dreams”

“I Have Unlimited Powers”

law of attraction affirmations-Unlimited Powers

“I Am Ready, Willing And Happy To Receive Money”

“My Mind Is Bursting With Bright Ideas, Kind Words, And Happiness”

“Every Experience I Have Is Perfect For My Growth”

“I Am Worth Loving. There Is Love All Around Me”

“I Am So Happy And Grateful

“I Am Attracting Joy Into My Life”

“I Trust The Universe To Give Me What I Need”

“I Have The Ability To Create Anything That I Want”

“The Universe Is Creating Through Me If I Allow The Energy To Flow Freely And Follow My Impulsion

“I Merit Abundance Without The Need To Justify It By Hard Work”

“My Thoughts Create My Reality

“Others Help Me Get What I Want

Others Help Me

“The Contrasts And Bad Things Happen To Help Me Find Clarity On What I Really Want, So I Appreciate It”

“That Which I Wish For Wishes For Me. And The Entire Universe Wishes It Too”

“I Enjoy And Thrive In The Company Of Great Friends”

“I Make My Own Luck

“I Am Powerful Abundant Creator Of My Life”

“I Effortlessly Allow Goodness Into My Life”

“I Am Open To Receive More Abundance That I Ever Imagined”

“Every Day I Attract People Who Help Me Achieve My Goals”

“I Visualize My Ideal Life And I Watch It Manifest

“I Am Champion. I Am The Best At What I Do”

“I Am Feeling Relaxed And Grateful

“I Am Good At Manifesting Whatever I Need”

“Everything I Need Will Come To Me At The Right Time

“I Work Hard To Fulfill My Dreams, And The Universe Is With Me”

“I Am Becoming A Better Person Day By Day”

“Things Are Always Working Out For Me”

Things are working out

“I Attract Positivity And Abundance

“Today I Welcome Abundance Into My Life”

” I Feel Vibrant And Full Of Energy”

“Everyday I Choose To Care For Myself With Deep Love

“I Am Open And Ready To Attract Abundance Into My Life”

“I Create Opportunities For Myself That Open The Door For More Abundance”

“Every Day I Am Attracting More And More Abundance Into My Life”

I Attract Success

“Good Things Are Drawn Towards Me Naturally

“My Desires Bring Great Results”

My Desires Bring Results

“I Am Open To Receiving Limitless Abundance”

“I Attract Positivity And Radiate It To Others”

“The Universe Will Provide Me With Whatever I Ask For”

“I Am Good At Manifesting

“I Attract Money And Wealth”

“I Draw From My Inner Strength And Light.”

“I Attract All The Love I Deserve

“The Universe Is Filled With Endless Opportunities For Me”

I Attract Good Health

“I Know My Wisdom Guides Me To The Right Decision”

“I Am Doing Work That I Enjoy And Find Fulfilling

“I Creates Positive Impact In Other’s Life”

” I Am A Money Magnet And Attract Wealth And Abundance”

“I Deserve Money, Love And Abundance”

“Everything Works Out For My Highest Good”

“There Is Nothing I Cannot Have

“I Attract, Receive, And Allow In Miracles”

“I Am Clear About What I Want

“What I Seek Is Seeking Me”

What I seek is seeking me

“There Is A Great Reason This Is Unfolding Before Me Now”

“Today I Attract Deeper Love And Appreciation For Myself”

“I Attract Love In My Life Effortlessly”

“The Universe Will Provide Me With Everything I Deserve

“Money Comes To Me Effortlessly

“I Get Better Every Day!”

“My Desires Are Manifested In Reality”

“I See The Infinite Supply Of Energy”

Law of attraction affirmations - Infinite supply of energy

“I Deserve To Be Successful”

“I Am Attracting An Abundance Of Money, Health, And Great People Into My Life

“My Powers Of Manifestation Grow Day By Day”

“Wealth Constantly Flows Into My Life”

“I Am Aligned With The Energy Of Abundance”

“I Constantly Attract Opportunities That Make My Life Better

I Attract Good Health

“The Law Of Attraction Is Always Working For Me”

“Every Single Second Is An Opportunity To Change My Life”

“I Get In Life What I Ask For From The Universe

“I Live Confidently Knowing I Am Worthy Of Prosperity

I live confidently

“I As For What I Want And I Am Prepared To Get It”

“I See Myself Living A Life Of Financial Security

“I Prosper Wherever I Go”

“I Am Deserving

“I Am Attracting Everything I Need To Be Successful In Life”

Abundance Is Always Circulating In My Life”

“I Am Constantly Drawing Good Luck Towards Me”

“Thing Are Always Working Perfectly For Me”

“I Have Prosperity Mindset”

“I Put 100% Of My Energy Into Every Goal I Pursue In My Life”

Law of attraction affirmations- I Put 100%

Benefits Of Law Of Affirmations

Affirmations brings out the best in you. It boost self confidence, and reduces stress.

Also the help you stay focus and work towards achieving your goals.

  • Law of attraction affirmations help you vibrate in alignment with abundance. They help you manifest your goals faster.
  • They bring awarness to the thought process and change negative thoughts to positive ones.
  • They enhance your self-knowledge, making you better at knowing what you really want in life.
  • Law of affirmations boost your vibrational frequency

How To Practice Law Of Attraction Affirmations

Here is how your can practice these affirmations:

1. Take deep breath and think of whatever you want to attract in your life.

2. Then slowly but confidently recite these affirmations.

For example, if you want a new job, you may say:

“I am attracting a new job”

“I deserve a great job and I will get it”

3. Write down these affirmations in your personal note and practice them when ever you feel low.

4. Stick these affirmations to work desk.


So, these were the 103 law of attraction affirmations and so tips how your cam manifest any thing you want.

Always remember, you attract things if you are positive about receiving it. So stay positive and thing will naturally come to your life.


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