63 Morning Affirmations For Kids (With Images)

63 Morning Affirmations For Kids (With Images)

Researches have found that  affirmations boosts performance. And morning affirmations for kids can prove to be a great way to kick start their day with confidence and with enthusiasm.

Why Morning Affirmations Are Important For Kids

According to a report at childmind.org, 30% children and adolescents suffer from anxiety at some point. Out of which 80% never get help.

Technological advancement, increasing use of mobile phone and internet, burden of studies, insecurity sometimes bullying in class room can put adverse impact on their mind.

Children are very delicate. They go through lots of changes both mentally and physically in the process of growing up. Parents to have hard time understanding their kids.

So it is important to help children develop positive attitude towards life and appreciate themselves and their surrounding.

How Morning Affirmations Helps Kids

Affirmations can be powerful tool for children. You can teach children to use affirmations to improve their well-being, boost their self-esteem, and encourage creative thinking.

Every morning is a new start. Affirming about their work, behavior, about themselves can have a really positive effect on them.

It may help them overcome their insecurities, be more confident, help them communicate with you, friends and their teachers. 

Here are 65 morning affirmations for kids can help boast their confidence, think positive about their body and mind.

Morning Affirmations For Kids To Boast Their Confidence And Self-Esteem

“My Mistakes Help Me Learn And Grow”

“Today I choose to be Confident
“I Believe In Myself And My Abilities

I Spread Joy

I spread joy - morning affirmations for kids
“Today Is The New Day
“Today Is The My Day
“Today Is Going To Be My Day”
“I Am Building My Future
“I Have People Who Love And Respect Me”
“I Play Well With Others”

“I Have Many Gifts And Talents

I Am Okay With Who I Am”

Life Is Fun

I Am Perfect Just The Way I Am”

I Am Proud Of Myself”

“I Work Hard”

“I Have Many Good Friends

All Is Well

“Whatever I Do, I Give My Best”

I Do My Best In My Work And Tasks”

I Love Myself Even Though I Sometimes Fail”

“I’m Starting A New Chapter Today”

I Am Important

“I Can Get Through Anything”

I Am Beautiful Inside And Out”

Today Is Another Chance To Get It Right”

“I Choose To Think Positively

I Am Brave

It’s Okay Not To Know Everything”

“I Am Child Of God

“I Am Perfect Just The Way I Am”

I Am Perfect

“Today I Am A Leader”

I Am Loved

“Today I Choose To Be Confident”

Good Things Are Going To Come To Me”

“Today I Will Walk Through My Fears”

Today Is Going To Be An Awesome Day

“I Am Strong And Determined”

“I Will Do Great Things Today”

“I Am A Good Child”

“I Am Surrounded By Care

“I Am My Own Person”

I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To”

“I Can Get Through Today”

I Will Do Well On My Test”

I Will Learn New Things Today”

“I Am Happy Today”

I Am Excited About Everything Today

Today Is Going To Be My Day”

Today Is Going To Be My Day

” I Deeply Love And Accept Myself”

I Am Healthy And Am Growing Up Well”

My Family, Friends And Teachers Love Me For Who I Am”

” I Am Vibrant And Have Lots Of Energy

I Am Thankful For My Blessings”

“I Am A Winner!”

“I Like Being Punctual

“I Will Make Good Decisions Today”

“I Will Be Kind To Others Today”

“I Feel Happy This Morning!”

Today Will Be A Wonderful Day

“I Am Filled With Energy This Morning”

Today Is A Beautiful Day”

“I Can’t Wait To See What Happens Today”

How To Help Kids Do Morning Affirmation

Here are a few ways you may use to motivate kids to do morning affirmations, everyday.

Start By Affirming Them Yourself

To develop a habbit of affirming in kids, start by affirming them yourself.

Take some time in the moring to tell how important they are. You can say:

“You are beautiful in your own way”

“You can do it.”

The kids will know you believe in them, you listen to them and they matter.

This will boost their confidence.

Fix A Task To Accomplish For The Day

Every morning fix a task to accomplish. It can be any thing.

From watering a plant, to making new friend at school, feeding a dog, helping others, any thing.

And ask them to affirm.

Affirmation could be:

“I will make a new friend today”

This will not only fill them with compassion but help them understand their surrounding better.

Help Them Make A Habit Of Waking Up Early

Waking up early is a good thing for everyone. Help your kids to make a habit of waking up early.

Waking up early in the morning fills a person with sense of positivity.

Ask your kids to do some jogging and exercise. They can even help you with some of your morning chores.


These were some morning affirmations for kids that will help your kids gain confidence and self esteem.
Children are really fragile and you should take care when addressing their issues. Talk to them, spend time with them and they will open to you.
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