67 New Moon Affirmations For Powerful Intentions And Manifestations

67 New Moon Affirmations For Powerful Intentions And Manifestations

Here are some powerful new moon affirmations to manifest all you inner strength and determinations.

A new lunar cycle is here with all new moon and has brought with a whole new horizon of possibilities and happenings.

It is time to embrace changes, pick up new projects, work on yourself and let go things and relationships that do not coincide with your path and plans.

Its time to re-discover yourself!




New Moon Affirmations

“Tonight I Let Go What Is Blocking Me”

New Moon, New Me

“I Welcome Transformation”

I Manifest All The Good That Aligns With My Soul Purpose”

“Tonight I Invite Abundance Into My Life”

I Am Compassionate Towards Myself, As Well As Others”

“The Moon Light Fills Me With Gratitude And Self Love

“I Choose To Break Free From Negative Routines Today”

Today I Shine Like The Moon”

“Today, The Darkness Inside Me Has Vanished

“I Release The Pain And Allow For Love To Fill Me”

“I Reclaim My Power And Embrace A New Beginning

“Tonight My Soul Will Room For All That Has To Come”

I Embrace the New Beginnings Opening To Me This New Moon

Embrace new beginnings

My Soul Steps Forward Guiding Me Through This Journey”

“My Inner Self Has Been Brightened Tonight”

“I Have Sown The Seed That Will Bring Me Closer To My Hopes And Dreams​”

“I Invoke My Soul To Partner With The Energy Of This New Moon To Allow Love To Follow Through My Entire Being​”

“I Treat Myself And Others With Genuine Kindness And Respect​”

“I Embrace The Beginnings That Are Unfolding”

“I Declare That I Am Ready To Receive Real Love And Wealth”

“Something Incredible Is Happening Within Me

“I Am Blessed. I Am Loved. I Am Whole”

“I Open To The Truth Of My Heart”

“I Am Supported Fully By Universe”

“I Embrace My Magic And My Gifts”

“The Universe Will Continue To Bless Me”

universe will bless you

“I Set My Goals And Can See Them Manifesting”

“I Release All Negative Energy From The Past”

“The New Moon Is The Start Of A Positive New Chapter

“I Am Open To Magical Opportunities

I Am Ready

“I Will Continue To Heal

“My Soul Will Lead The Way”

“I Accept This Now In All Dimensions Of Time And Space For My Greatest And Highest Good

“A Higher Power Guides Me”

New Miracles Will Happen In My Life”

“A New Journey Of Self Exploration Has Begun Today”

“I Forgive Myself”

“Today I Accept Myself”

“I Communicate Properly With The Intent To Listen And Understand”

“I Am Allowed To Change

“Today I Choose To Transform My Soul Into Pure Unconditional Love And Light”

“The New Moon Offers Me A Fresh Start”

New Moon Affirmations img3

“I Surrender To The Power Of Prayer And Devotion”

“I Trust In The Future I Am Creating”

“In The Shadow Of New Moon, I Am Focused And Free

“I Allow Blessings Into My Life With Each New Step I Take”

“I Am Inspired By Passion And Ready To Begin Anew”

“I Release All Fear Of Illusion

“I Am Unstoppable

“I Embrace The New Beginning Tonight”

“At This New Moon, I Plant A Seed For A Better Future

“I Allow Myself To Be Reborn And My Intentions To Take Root”

“I See My Goals Clearly And I Feel The Joy As If They Have Already Manifested

“I Attract Positive Energy”

I attract positive energy

“Fear Is An Opportunity To Expand. I Embrace My Fears”

“I Am Ready To Rise And Shine”

“This Is A Time For Healing

“I Now Release What No Longer Serves Me”

“Life Supports Me In Every Possible Way”

“My Intentions Are Strengthened By The Power Of The Moon”

“I Let Love Shine”

“I Am Balanced And Healthy In My Mind, Body And Soul”

“I Am Balanced And Healthy In My Mind, Body And Soul”

“I Am Awakening”

How to Practice New Moon Affirmations

Cleanse Yourself

Cleaning our inner-self is a very important thing to employ during the new moon cycle.

This will remove all the negativity accumulated and help you embrace the new beginning.

You can use any type of sacred smoke or other cleansing methods like oil spray, cedar or sweet grass.

Apply them in your room, surroundings and yourself.


Forgive And Forget

When you want to move forward, it is important to leave things that are holding you back.
Be it an unhealthy relationships, anger, tensions, any thing that is unhealthy for you.
Forgive all those who have hurt you, that will help you really help you move forward and embrace what tomorrow has to offer.

Write Down Your Intentions and Wishes

List down all your wishes and dreams and you plan for your future.

Read them time to time until the full moon.

Be Thankful

New moon affirmations can really help you anchor your work during new moon.

You can say the affirmations as blessings, thanking the universe for all the good things in your life.



New moon is the time of cosmic reset everything. And we hope that these new moon affirmations will help you regain your strenght and work towords you goals in your life.
New moon blessings!


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