61 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety To Stop Feeling Anxious Naturally

61 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety To Stop Feeling Anxious Naturally

Anxiety is more common than you think. And if you are suffer from anxiety, here are 61 positive affirmations for anxiety that will help you feel relaxed.

Anxiety is one of the most common mental illness affecting 40 millions in US alone. Out of which only 36.9% of them get treatment.

Practicing affirmations do help in cooping up with anxiety. 

Anxiety affirmations are positive phases and statements that are proven to be very helpful in combating anxiety and depression.

And practicing anxiety affirmation is really simple. Whenever you have a panic attack, just pick an affirmation and repeat it to yourself.

Sit down, take long breaths, and keep repeating affirmations. 

You will feel much relaxed.

Benefits Of Affirmations For Anxiety

Following are some benefits of practicing anxiety affirmations:

  • Affirmations for anxiety help you become more flexible and capable of adapting under stressed circumstances.
  • Anxiety affirmations help decrease health-deteriorating stress.
  • Affirming yourself regularly reduces the chance of anxiety future anxiety attacks.
  • Practicing affirmations make you more optimistic and help you approach life problem with much better prospective 


61 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

“With Every Breath I Release The Anxiety Within Me And I Become More And More Calm

“I Trust In The Universe To Live A Well, Fulfilled Life”

“Everything I Need Comes To Me At The Right Time

“I Am In A Process Of Positive Change”

Life Is Simple, Easy, And Effortless”

“I Deserve To Be Happy And Stress Free

Anxiety Affirmations- Deserve to be happy

“With Each New Breath, I Inhale Strength And Exhale Fear

“I Am In Harmony With My Life”

“At This Moment, I Choose To Feel Calm And Peaceful.”

“Everything Is Unfolding As It Should”

“All Is Well In My World
And I Am Safe.”

“I Am Free Of Anxiety And
Continue To Do So”

“I Am Open To All The Ways The Universe Wants To Bless Me”

“Every Deep Breath Is A Gift Of Divine Support.”

I Will Not Let My Anxious Thoughts Have Power Over Me”

“I Believe In Myself”

“I Go With The Flow

“I Can Easily Adapt To New Circumstance And Situations”

“I Cannot Control Everything, And That’s Okay

“I Am Calm And Mindful

Affirmations For Anxiety-I am calm and mindul

“I Am Strong, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally”

“I Welcome Transformation

“I Am Fearless

“After Every Stormy Night, This Is A Bright Morning

I Will Not Let Anxiety Take Me Down”

“I Free Myself From All Destructive Doubt And Fear.”

“I Have People Who Love Me”

“I Will Not Let My Thoughts Disturb Me”

“I And Calm And Confident In Every Circumstances”

Peace Comes From Within Me”

“I Radiate Positivity Wherever I go “

“I Am In Control Of My Emotions”

“Being Calm And At Peace Is Part Of My Nature”

“My Mind Is Always In A State Of Peace And Serenity

“I Protect My Peace By Not Overthinking”

I protect my peace anxiety affirmation

“I Have Replaced All Negative Thoughts With Reassuring  Ones”

“I Am Safe

“Bad Experiences Make Me Strong, And I Am Not Anxious About Them”

“I Breath-in Calmness

Nothing Can Make Me Anxious”

“I Am Relaxed

“I Am In Control Of My Emotions”

“I Choose Peace

“I Am Free Of Anxiety And Am Living A Calm Life”

“It Is Easy For Me To Feel Relaxed And At Ease

I am relax easily

“I’m Strong And Can Persevere

“I’m In Charge Of My Breathing, And I Can Slow It Down”

“I Am Free Of Anything That Weighs Me Down”

“I Am An Over-comer

“I Am Strong And Able To Handle Anything”

“The Feelings Of Panic Are Leaving My Body”

“I Am Courageous And Can Make It Through”

“I Cultivate Patience To Overcome Anxiety”

“I Am A Warrior And Can Overcome Anything”

“Being Calm And Relaxed Energizes My Whole Being”

I am Calm anxiety Affirmation

“I handle Situations Easily

“The Storm Within Me Is Temporary”

“I Know What I Value And Place My Energy There Instead Of On Anxiety”

“I Cultivate Patience To Overcome Anxiety

“With Each Breath I Take, I Am Releasing The Anxiety I Feel”

“I Know How To Relax Myself”

“I Can Handle Anything With Ease”

“Life Challenges Make Me Strong

“I Am Strong And Self Sufficient

“Every Breath I Take Fills Me With Harmony And Peace

Breath-in peace

“I Am Learning That It Is Safe For Me To Heal And Grow

“I Am Surrounded By Peace

“I Am Grounded

“I Have Everything I Need To Overcome This. I Believe In Myself And My Abilities

“Anxiety Might Make Me Uncomfortable But I Am In Charge Of My Mind And Body

I Got This

“All The Ambiguity Will Disappear And I Can See New Opportunities

“I Mind Will Relax As I Command”

“This World Is Full Of Possibilities And I Will Find All”

“I Allow Myself To Feel Complete Peace Right Now”

I am peaceful

“I Am Stronger Than My Anxiety”

I Will Not Stress Over Things Things I Can’t Control

Everything is Going To Be Okay

“This Too Shall Pass And I Can Stand This”

“I Am At Peace

“I Allow Peace And Joy To Exist In All Areas Of My Life”

How To Cope With Anxiety

Negative Thought are main cause of anxiety. Our mind keeps us reminding things and scenarios that made us uncomfortable and left us vulnerable.

And we are stuck in this never ending loop which makes us anxious and depressed.

The best way to deal with Anxiety is to break this pattern and not let your mind control you.

Here are some tips that will help you deal with anxiety and make you feel relaxed:

Practice Focused Deep Breathing

Try breathing in for 4 counts and breathing out for 4 counts.

Do it for 5 to 7 minutes in total.

When doing so, focus on relaxing. Don’t let your mind deviate.

Deep breathing will slow your heart rate which will help calm you down.

Go For A Walk Or Do Yoga

When ever feeling anxious, go for a walk or do yoga for 15 minutes.

Trying not to think about things that bother you. Feel the fresh air, and let go of things that bother you.

Talk To Friends And Family

Getting things that are bother you off your chest is the best way to to deal with anxiety and depression.

Talk to your friends and family about your anxiety and why you feel so.

They will listen to you and will understand what you are going through and you are not alone in this.

Also, they might just give a healthy dose of advice, which might help feel relaxed.


So, these were 61 positive affirmation for anxiety and some tips to coop up with it.

Anxiety is highly treatable, and if you have hard time cooping up with it, we recommend taking medical advice. 

Nothing should come between you and enjoying life 🙂

Have a great day! 

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