131 Positive Affirmations For Men For Confidence And Self Esteem

131 Positive Affirmations For Men For Confidence And Self Esteem

Here are 131 positive affirmations for men you need to practice daily for self confidence, attractive personality and cope up with mental health issues.

As a men, you have lots of responsibilities and expectations. 

You are someone who works hard to make your and you families futures secure. You give all you have, 365 days of a year.

Even if you are the Super Man in the lives of your loved ones, some even he has his insecurities and fears.

Here are 131 positive affirmations for men to cheer up during those hard times and motivate you to keep going.


131 Positive Affirmations For Men

“I Am Grateful For Everything In My Life.”

“I Accept, Love, And Appreciate Myself, Exactly As I Am”

“I Am Confident

“I Am Sexy And Attractive

Positive men affirmations- sexy and attractive

“I Am Finding Myself More Confident Each Day”

“Today Is Meaningful, Important, And Special

“I Am Strong And Healthy

“I Choose What I Become”

“I Will Never Give Up On My Dreams And Ambitions.”

I Am A Man Of Many Qualities”

“I Respect Myself”

“I Am A Confident Man”

“I Am Outgoing And Charismatic

“No Negative Thought Will Take Root In My Mind”

positive affirmations for men - no negative thought

“I Am Strong And Resilient, I Can Handle Every Situation”

“My World Changes With My Mindset And Thoughts

“I Have A Fit And Attractive Body”

“There Is Nothing Stopping Me From Achieving Everything”

I Am The Man

“I Am Abundant In Positivity”

“I Attract Love In My Life”

“I Will Always Get Wiser With Time”

“I Love The Way I Look”

“I Am Comfortable In  My Own Skin”

“I Have A Great Sense Of Style”

“I Look Fabulous!”

“I Believe In My Ultimate Potential”

Unbelievable Potential- positive men affirmations

“I Am The Light That Brightens My Environment”

“I Do Not Fear Hard Work

“Nothing Will Stop Me From Attaining Greatness

“People Enjoy My Company”

“I Am Attractive To Women”

“I Am Good At What I Do “

“I Wake Up Each Morning With Intention And Purpose

“I Am Powerful In So Many Ways”

“I Am Confident In The Presence Of Others”

“I Listen To My Needs And Prioritize Self-care

“I Feel Sexy, Charming And Attractive”

” I Am Growing Stronger Every Day”

” I Don’t Fake My Identity To Impress People”

“I Am Fierce. I Am Unafraid. I Am Bold

Unafraid and bold- men positive affirmations

” I Am In Love With My True Self”

“I Radiate Confidence And Enthusiasm”

“I Learn From Any Challenges I Encounter”

“I Am Loving And Open To Love”

“I Possess Highly Unique Talents That Will Make Me Prosperous”

“Fortune Favors Me”

“I Choose To Defy Negativity”

“I Accept, Love, And Appreciate Myself, Exactly As I Am.”

“I Will Not Stress On Things That I Cannot Control

“I Can Choose To Make My Curses, My Blessings”

My curses are my blessing

“I Am Creating A Life Of Happy Experiences

“I Love The Person I Am Becoming”

“I Am A Natural Leader

“I Am Living The Life I Always Wanted”

“I Believe In Myself”

“Every Day I Am Getting More Confident

“I Am Strong Of Mind And Thought.”

“I Can Achieve Greatness

“I Love And Accept Myself For Who I Am”

“I Am An Attractive Man And Feel Great In My Skin”

“I Am Magnet Of Positive Experience”

“My Ability To Conquer My Challenges Is Limitless, My Potential To Succeed Is Infinite

“I Am An Alpha Male”

“I Hold A Positive Mental Outlook On Me And My Life”

“I Bravely Strive To Better Myself”

“I Take Good Care Of My Body”

“The Past Is A Lesson That I Learned From”

“I Am Smart And People Can See It”

I am smart - men affirmations

“I Am Fit And Healthy”

“I Live Freely And Enjoy My Life”

“I Am Happy And I Feel Joy Everyday”

“I Am The Provider

“I Am Mentally Tough And Resilient

“I Choose My Own Destiny”

“There Is Nothing That I Cannot Do

“I Like Challenges

“I Know My Worth

“I Have Every Quality That People Desire For”

“Successful People Are Attracted To Me”

“I Am Worthy Of Financial Stability”

“I Know My Future Is Getting Better

My future is getting better

“I Learn From Any Challenges I Encounter”

“I Believe In Myself”

“I Am Grateful For The Man I Am Becoming”

“I Am Attracting Joy Into My Life”

“I Accept And Love Myself, Thoroughly And Completely”

“I Am Resilient, Strong, And Brave, And I Can’t Be Destroyed”

“I Am Responsible For Looking After Me”

“I Let Go Of My Anger So I Can See Clearly

I let go of anger easily

“Whenever I Fall Down, I Get Back Up Again”

“I’m Fine With Who I Am, And I Love Who I Am Becoming”

“I Deserve To See Myself As Amazing”

“I Am Good Enough, And I Am Fine With Just Being Me”

“I Am A Responsible Person”

“I Am Important And A Valuable Person”

“I Breathe, I Am Collected, And I Am Calm

“I Have Come This Far, And I Am Proud Of Myself”

“I Always See The Best In Others”

“I Am Destined For Greatness

Destined For Greatness

“I Believe In Who I Am”

“I Do My Very Best, And That’s Great

“I Am In Control Of My Everyday Life”

“I Am Strong And Brave

“I Am Always Full Of Positive Thoughts

“I Have A Powerful Voice”

“I Will Do My Best And Have No Regrets

“I Am A Prosperous Individual”

“I Have A Replenishing Flow Of Positive Energy”

I Am Who I Am

“My Life Will Always Inspire Others To Live Better Lives”

“I Love And Approve Of Myself”

“Every Situation Works Out For My Highest Good”

“I Am Very Skillful And Diligent

Positive affirmations for men- I am skillful

“I Trust Myself To Make The Best Decision For Me”

“I Surrender To The Universe”

“Every Day I Strive To Become A Better Person”

“I Am Slowly But Surely Stepping Towards Success

“I See That My Progress Is Significant”

“Every Decision I Make Is Useful For Me And Other People”

“These Affirmations Will Help Me A Lot”

“Every Day I Am Happier And Have A Better Perspective On The World”

“Over The Years, I Have Built Confidence And Skills

“I Trust Myself, And My Instincts, Above Anyone Else”

“To Be Positive Is To Be Productive

“I Am Fulfilling My Purpose In This World.”

“I Will Always Remember That I Only Have Control Over Myself, And My Choices”

“I Can Be Kind, Fierce, And Brave – All At The Same Time”

“I Am A Better Person From The Hardship That I Have Gone Through”

I am a better person from the hardship

How To Practice Affirmations

Here are some ways to practice affirmations. 

  1. Recite these affirmations every morning before going to work.
  2. Write down these affirmations on your personal dairy and read them whenever you feel low.
  3. Stick some of these affirmations on your work desk or cabin
  4. Practice theses affirmations at  during morning/evening walks and excercise.


So, that was the list of 131 positive affirmations for men. We hope these affirmations would really help you.

Practice them regularly to boost your confidence and self esteem.

Have a good and stay positive!


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