139 Positive Money Affirmations That Work Fast: Try Today!

139 Positive Money Affirmations That Work Fast: Try Today!

Want To attract money? Here is a list of positive money affirmations that work fast and will help you doing so!

Affirmations can improve our lives including our finances.

All you have to do is practice them, believe in yourself and take action.

We have hand-picked these positive money affirmations to help you attract wealth and abundance. 


139 Positive Money Affirmations That Work Fast

“I Am A Money Magnet

“Money Is Drawn To Me Naturally”

“I Welcome An Unlimited Source Of Income And Wealth In My Life”

“The World Is Full Of Opportunities

“There Is Plenty Of Money In The Universe, And There Is Plenty For Me

“I Am Getting Wealthy Day By Day”

“My Financial Situation Is Improving Beyond My Dreams”

“Money Is My Servant

Money Is My Servant

“I Am Manifesting Abundance In My Life”

“I Am On My Path To Financial Freedom

“I Can Have A Limitless Amounts Of Money”

“I Am Attracting Great Opportunities Into My Life”

“Money Comes To Me Easily And Effortlessly

“I Am Becoming Financially Successful

“Money Is Appearing In My Life Through Many Channels, And In Harmonious Ways”

“My Mind Is Constantly Attracting Money Into My Life”

My Mind Is Constantly Attracting Money Into My Life

“I Am Good At Managing Money”

“I Clearly See Opportunities To Effortlessly Make Money”

“Money Flows Freely And Abundantly Into My Life”

“I Believe Money Is Important, Money Is Freedom And Money Makes Life More Enjoyable”

“I Cultivate Financial Abundance Naturally”

“Money Creates Positive Impact In My Life”

“Wealth Is A Positive Expression Of Divine Energy

“I Possess The Power To Make Money”

I Possess The Power To Make Money

“I Am Open To Receive Wealth In Many Ways”

“My Wealth Grows Daily”

“I Am Good At Making Money”

“Wealth Constantly Flows Into My Life”

“I Am Choosing Better Thoughts About Money Right Now”

“I Will Receive A Large Amount Of Money This Month”

“I Am In Command Of My Finances”

“Money Allows Me To Help Other People”

Money Allows Me To Help Other People

“I Am Building Multiple Streams Of Income”

“I Am About To Receive More Money Than I Could Ever Dream

“I Am Open And Receptive To All The Wealth Life Offers Me”

“Money Comes To Me In Miraculous Ways”

“I Am Rich With Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness And Joy

“I Have Money Mindset

“I Am About To Receive Enormous Wealth”

“I Have A Millionaire Mind”

I Have A Millionaire Mind

“I Am Able To Handle Large Sums Of Money”

“I Am On The Road To Financial Freedom

“I Constantly Attract Opportunities That Create More Money.”

“I Always Have More Than Enough Money”

“I Am A Wealth Creator, As A Result Of Which I Am Wealthy Always”

“I Am A Wealthy Person Who Is Living Life On My Own Terms

“I Create An Avalanche Of Financial Abundance”

“My Positive Attitude Is Attracting Money”

My Positive Attitude Is Attracting Money

“I Am Building My Financial Empire Daily”

“Every Day In Every Way,
My Wealth Is Increasing

“I Deserve Being Rich. Being Rich Is My Birthright. Being Rich Is A Part Of Who I Am”

“I Am Grateful For All The Wealth In My Life Right Now.”

“There Is No Limit To The Amount Of Money I Am Capable Of Earning”

“I Am The Architect Of My Own Prosperity”

“I See The Infinite Supply Of Money”

“I Trust My Ability To Manifest Money”

I Trust My Ability To Manifest Money

“I Am Excited To Be Making Money”

“I See Myself Living A Life Of Financial Security

“I See New Possible Income Sources Everyday”

“I Am Manifesting More And More Money Naturally”

Earning Money Is An Easy Thing To Do”

“I Have The Power To Create Wealth”

“My Mind Creates Money For Me Day After Day After Day.”

“I Am Financially Abundant, And Money Comes To Me Naturally

“I Appreciate The Money I Have Right Now”

I Appreciate The Money I Have Right Now

“My Wallet And Bank Balance Are Overflowing With Money”

“My Personal Finances Are Changing For The Best Right Now “

“Making Money Is My Second
Nature And I Am Always Immersed In Wealth”

“I Love Actively And Passively Making Money

“The Universe Is Conspiring To Make Me Wealthy”

“Money Is Rooted In Good And Leads To Peace”

“I Am Focused On Achieving Money Happiness

“Money Allows Me To Help Other People”

Immense Wealth Is Coming To Me”

“I Always Have More Money Coming In Than Going Out”

“Money Loves To Be Around Me And Multiply”

Money Is Energy And It Flows Into My Life Constantly”

“I Am Financially Free

I Am Financially Free

“I Attracts Opportunities That Creates Money

“I Am Open And Ready For New Streams Of Income”

“I Love To Surround Myself With Money”

“Money Loves Me And Money Is My Obedient Servant”

“Every Day More Money Comes Into My Life”

“My Capacity To Hold And Grow Money Expands Every Day”

“I Am Open To Receiving All Wealth Life Brings To Me”

“My Income Exceeds My Expenses”

“Everything I Touch Turns Into Gold

Everything I Touch Turns Into Gold

“Every Penny I Spend And Donate Comes Back To Me Multiplied

“I Am Wealth

“Money Comes To Me, Constantly

“Money Follows Me Wherever I Go!”

“I Feel Great About My Finances”

“Money And I Are Constant Companions

“I Am Rich With Money, Friends And Experiences”

“I Believe Money Is Important

I Believe Money Is Important

“Money Comes In The Morning, Money Comes At Night; And While I Sleep, I Make Money”

“Money Knows Me Well”

“I Am Friends With Money, It Serves Me Well”

“Money Comes To Me In Big Portions, And I Feel Amazing

“I Give Myself Permission To Prosper And Grow

“Money Always Finds Ways To Come To Me”

“As I Follow My Bliss, Money follows Me”

“I Am Wealthy In More Than One Ways”

“I Am Connected To The Universal Supply Of Money”

“Every Action I Take Moves Me Towards Greater Financial Freedom

“Money Comes To Me From Expected And Unexpected Sources

“I Pay All The Bills On Time”

I Pay All The Bills On Time

“I Release All Resistance To Attracting Money. I Am Worthy Of A Positive Cash Flow

“Whatever Amounts Of Money I May Need, I Have Them”

“Day And Night, Big Portions Of Money Come My Way”

“I Know How To Make Money”

Great Amounts Of Money Are Headed My Way”

“I Have The Power To Create The Success And Build The Wealth I Desire

“I Am Aligned With Energy Of Wealth And Abundance”

I Am Aligned With Energy Of Wealth And Abundance

“Money Is A Constant Companion In My Life”

“Money Comes To Me In Big Portions, And I Feel Amazing!”

Creating Money Is Now A Natural Part Of My Being”

“I Get Well With Money”

“I Am Open To Receiving All Wealth Life Brings To Me”

Big Money Always Come To Me”

“I Am Financially Self-Sufficient

“I Am There When Money Comes

“Everyday I Visualize Myself Creating More And More Money”

“I Let Go Of All My Limiting Beliefs Around Money”

I Let Go Of All My Limiting Beliefs Around Money

“Everything I Do Attracts More Prosperity In To My Life”

“Money Is Knocking On My Door”

“I Am Feeling Wealthy Today”

“Money Is A Source Of Joy For Me”

“Money Finds Its Way To My Bank Account With Ease

“Whenever I Need Money, It Quickly Comes To Me”

“I Love Money And Money Loves Me

“Money Is Addicted To Me, It Never Leaves Me Alone”

“Financial Growth Is A Natural Part Of My Life”

“Everyday I Am Becoming Richer And Richer”

Everyday I Am Becoming Richer And Richer

How To Use Money Affirmations

Here are some ways you can use these money affirmations to bring positive changes in your finances:

  1. Write down these affirmations on your money management notebook or app. That way you will read them consciously or unconsciously when writing your income and expenses.
  2. Set your financial goals, repeat these affirmations whenever you feel like you are losing your track.
  3. Practice these affirmations every morning, visualize money and get working!

Do Money Affirmations Work?

This is one of the most frequently questions.

Yes, money affirmations works, but you need to practice them daily, believe in your affirmations and most importantly, work to achieve your financial goals.

Money Affirmations are not some secret mantras that you recite and money pops up in your bank account.

Affirmations are all about positive mindset and using that positive energy in you life.

Take up the opportunities that may lead towards a more financial stable life.


So, these were 139 positive money affirmations that work fast and some tips on how you can use them in your life.

Do let us know which of the affirmations you found most helpful.

Also, do share your own affirmations with us in the comment section.

We would love to read them.



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