109 Self Love Affirmations To Love And Value Yourself More!

109 Self Love Affirmations To Love And Value Yourself More!

Here are 109 self love affirmations that will help you connect with yourself and love yourself more.

In this world, sometimes we get too busy chasing money, goals and relationships that we forget loving ourselves.

You forget that you are the most important person in our life. And you deserve to be loved. And why not, you are the best person! 😉

The first step to attracting love in your life is to love yourself first. Take care your self first. Then only you will be able to love others in a healthy way.

Why Self Love Is Important

By Loving Yourself, You Attract Others To You 

When you love yourself, you become a magnet to whom others get attracted to. 

People find it more appealing when some one is self sufficient, has a positive attitude towards life, and is grateful.

To Recover From Heart Break And Rejection

Heart breaks and rejections are never easy.
People give up on themselves after you go through the breakup.
They go hard on themselves and give up all hope.
It is important to know that your relationships do not define you. And they are just a part of life. 
After a painful and devastating breakup, you need to learn how love yourself first, the way you loved the other person in the relationship.
You need to learn that you are a complete individual, a whole person and that the relationship doesn’t define you.

Self-Love Attracts Healthier Relationships In Future 

When you love yourself, value yourself and take care of yourself, you automatically become a more attractive person.

Thus you attract more mature and fulfilling relationship where you don’t have to compromise with your self respect.

Also, when you love and value  yourself, others too value that. 

No One Else Can Complete You

This is probably the most important reason why self love is so important to have.

No one, literally no one in this world can complete you or make you whole. 

It is you who has to do it yourself. If you feel like something is missing in your life, you are not satisfied with yourself, you will have to work on it.

You will have to accept yourself completely and learn how to improve yourself.

No one is going to do that for you. Not your parents, not you spouse, not your partner.

It is you who has to do it for yourself.

Okay that is enough about why self love is important. Now lets see some self love affirmations.


Self Love Affirmations To Value And Love Yourself

“I Am Enough

“I Am Grounded, Peaceful, And Centered”

“My Life Is Full Of Happiness And Love

“My Inner World Creates My Outer World”

“I Radiate Self-love”

I radiate Self Love Affirmations

“I Believe In Me”

“I Am Competent, Smart And Able”

“I Recognize The Many Good Qualities I Have”

“I Love Who I Have Become”

I Am Grateful

“I Believe In Me”

“Loving Myself Is Easy

“Having Good Self-Esteem Comes Naturally To Me”

“I Am Incredibly Intelligent

“The Greatest Gift I Can Give Myself Is Unconditional Love”

Self Love Affirmations- Greatest Gift

“I Honor My Unique Path In Life”

“I Will Focus On The Bright Side

“I Accept Myself Unconditionally

“I Have Something Special To Offer The World”

“I Acknowledge My Self-Worth”

“I Do Not Judge Myself Or Others”

“I Radiate Love, Peace And Happiness”

“I Am Who I Need To Be”

” I Am Free

“I Am Blessed!

I Am Blessed

Worldly Things Do Not Bother Me Any More”

“I Love Myself”

“I Find Inner Peace Being Myself”

“I Am Getting Better Every Day”

“I Am Magnificent

“I Like Being Me

“I Embrace My Flaws, Knowing No One Is Perfect”

“I Deserve All That Is Good”

“It’s OK To Make Mistakes. They Are Opportunities To Learn”

“I Am A Masterpiece

“I Am In Alignment With My Soul Purpose”

“I Am Balanced

“I Approve Of Myself”

“I Deserve Good In My Life”

” I Am Outstanding

“I Take Care Of Myself”

I Take Care Of Myself

“Everyday I Am Becoming A Better Version Of Myself”

“Today, I Choose Me”

“I Am Becoming The Person I Want To Be”

“I Love The Person That I Am”

“I Am Blessed Beyond Measure

“My Life Is Full Of Love

“I Am Abundant

“The Universe Is Conspiring To Help Me Succeed”

“I Am Confident And Strong”

Confident And Strong Self Love Affirmations

“I Feel At Peace With My Appearance”

“I Am Proud Of Who I Am Becoming”

“My Body Is An Artistic Expression Of My Individuality”

“I Honor Who I Am In This Current Moment.”

“Each Day I Am Becoming More Self-Confident

“I Care About Myself”


“I Feel Completely Comfortable With Myself And Accept Myself With Love, Respect And Appreciation

“I Have The Power To Change Myself For Good

“I Am Flexible And Open To Change In Every Aspect Of My Life”

“I Unconditionally Accept Myself”

Accept Yourself Unconditionally

“I Deserve To Be Loved

“I See My Struggles As Opportunities To Grow And Learn”

“I Am Unstoppable

“I Am A Great Person”

“I Love And Accept All Of Me “

“I Love Every Facet Of My Existence”

“I Release My Negative Thoughts, Embracing Positivity And Optimism”

“I Love And Accept All Of Me”

“My Inner Treasures Shine Forth”

“I Believe In Myself”

“I Send Love To My Fears And Doubts”

“I Am Whole Alone”

Whole Alone

“My Life Is Wonderful Gift And I Must Enjoy It”

“I Am Not My Mistakes Or My Flaws”

“I Am In Control Of My Life.”

“I Appreciate Myself.”

“I Think Positively And Expect The Best

“My Capacity For Love Is Infinite

“I Love Life, And Life Loves Me”

“I Am Doing The Best I Can With The Knowledge And Experience I Have Obtained So Far”

“I Am A Child Of God

“I Believe In Who I Am 100%”

“I Have All The Will Power I Need”

“I Love Myself The Way I Am”

I Love Myself Affirmations

“I Love Me And I Am Worthy To Have Goodness In My Life”

“I Am Confident And Strong”

“I Am Blessed With Abundance”

“I Am Strong And Resilient

“I Am Becoming Better Every Day”

“I Am Courageous

“I Am Learning To Love Myself More And More Every Day”

“I Love My Own Company”

“I See Myself With Kind Eyes”

“I Am A Good Person

“I Have Complete, Unconditional Love Within Me”

Unconditional love within me

“I Love Myself More Each Day”

“I Take Time To Enjoy The Little Joys Of Life”

“Today I Start Loving Myself More”

“I Honor Myself And Every Decision That I Make”

“I Will Not Let Others Define me”

“I Am An Unstoppable Force”

“I Make A Difference

“I Am Above Negative Thoughts And Feelings”

No Negative Thoughts

“I Love And Accept Myself For Who I Am”

“I Have Beautiful Qualities To Offer To This World”

“I Am Beautiful

“I Approve Of Myself”

“I Love Myself Deeply And Fully

“I Am Worthy Of Infinite And Unending Compassion



So, these were the 109 self love affirmations

We hope that these affirmations were really helpful to you. 

Keep practicing these affirmations and you will see positive change in your life and attitude.

Remember, everything that you need in life is within yourself. And it all begin with loving and respecting yourself first.

Have a good day.


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